Inclusive Yoga for Children with additional needs


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One on One Yoga for Children with Additional Needs

“As childrens yoga teacher and mother of a child with CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) I experience every day how yoga empowers children with and without additional needs.”
Yoga is a practice that opens doors for children with additional needs. It parallels and supports other therapeutic modalities in addressing challenges with attention, self-regulation, speech and language, learning, and high and low muscle tone.

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Yoga for Children with additional needs

Meeting children where they are at, trusting that all children are capable of learning to find a place of calm within themselves, providing a safe and loving space and giving them support that meets their individual needs through practicing yoga is central toTanja’s approach in sharing yoga with children with additional needs.

The use of song and sound, breathing techniques, body awareness through tapping, massage and therapeutic yoga poses as well as self regulation and relaxation techniques are methods that Tanja applies in this inclusive yoga class for children with additional needs. Knowing your child best, you can decide if you want to join the class to support your child or if they feel comfortable to join the class by themselves. This class is suitable for all abilities for children between 5 and 10 years old.

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Yoga for parents with additional needs

This class focuses on giving the benefits of Yoga and Relaxation to Parents who face the daily challenges of caring for their child with additional needs. To give yourself a time out while doing something good for body, mind and soul. To practice some guilt free self care and recharge your batteries in a loving atmosphere, is what this class is all about. Being the parent of a child with needs can ask a lot of you on a day to day basis. As a mum of a child with needs herself, Tanja knows this from experience and has designed this class especially for parents of children with additional needs. In the class we will practice gentle yoga poses to address common tension areas in the body (shoulders, neck, back) and help with flexibility and balance. Not only that but we will learn how to regulate emotions and release stress with specific easy breath techniques as well as help with being able to let go and bring back ease during deep relaxation. Everything you need in the space of an hour to leave you feeling balanced and being able to take on the world again. This is a class suitable for anyone and you don’t have to have any yoga experience. A yoga mat or any non slip surface, pillows, blankets and a space to comfortably move is all you need for this class.

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Yoga with Tanja


Really enjoyable class.Tanja is fantastic with the kids and really understands them

Mum Karen

Thank you! you are a really fantastic teacher with such a lovely way with children - great yoga class!

Mum Helen

When the child has tears in his eyes in the last relaxing moments of the yoga class, saying he is not crying, but those are the tears of joy, you know the session was worthwhile, thank you Tanja 🙂

Mum Inna

Loved the class! my daughter really enjoyed it - she always wants to do yoga as she sees mammy and daddy going.

Mum Estella

Tanja has worked as a therapeutic yoga teacher with our daughter for over five years. She is enthusiastic, bubbly, encouraging, very conscientious and careful to ensure correct posture and positioning (even over Zoom!). Tanja is so intuitive that she can adapt a class midway through to deliver the best experience for all participants.

At the beginning, we had to give our daughter hand-over-hand assistance in a yoga session. She can now independently have a one to one class with Tanja and manage her own props. They have a lovely relationship. Therapeutic yoga has made a huge difference to our daughter's movement, co-ordination, core strength and quality of life. We will always be grateful for thi

Mum Aishling

Well done Yoga with Tanja

I can’t recommend Tanja enough. Tanja works weekly with my son who has additional needs. She has a wonderful calming aura, and relaxes my son. Quickly adapts the weekly class if he is not cooperative. By the end of the class my son is relaxed calm boy.

Mum Sharon

KidsYoga Online Zoom Class

My daughters aged 12 & 8 have been doing yoga with Tanja for the last few years and recently my 5yo daughter has joined in the online classes also. It is without doubt their favourite activity of the week. Tanja is a wonderful teacher. She is incredibly positive, kind and encouraging and engages with the children so well. After a busy day of school and homework, the girls are always noticeably calmer and happier after their yoga class. It is great, not only for improving their flexibility, but for also teaching them the skill of how to relax and be peaceful. The online classes have worked out really well for us- the kids enjoy it just as much and we don’t have the chore of the commute to class.

Can’t recommend Tanja’s classes enough!

Mum Amanda

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