Schools & Support Groups

“As parents, teachers and yoga teachers we too feel empowered when we can support our children and see them thrive by integrating yoga into their lives.”

With the use of Yoga tools combined with stories and play parent and teachers can provide children with opportunities to grow physically mentally and emotionally, helping them to connect with themselves and others with compassion, understanding and clarity.

• Improves mind/body connection
• Encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle
• Promotes an overall sense of well-being

– language development
– learning better
– motor coordination
– play skills
– body awareness
– positive thinking
– calming the mind
– relieving stress
– a good memory
– balancing the bodies energy levels
– sleeping better
– good concentration and focus
– good balance and flexibility
– the immune system

If you are looking to bring yoga into your primary school, secondary school, or créche please get in touch for more information or see the timetable to book a session.
If you would like to bring yoga to your support group for children or adults with additional needs please contact me for more information or see the timetable to book a session.

Some of the support groups and organisations I have shared yoga with are:

Remember Us (Ballbriggan), Enable Ireland, St. Stewarts (Palmerstown), Gravity Autism (Kinsealy), Jump Autism (Blanchardstown), Rainbow Junior and Rainbow Arch club (Dublin), Dun Laoghaire Library supporting Children with Additional Needs & their families

Sessions for Teachers, Educators, Staff
Tanja also holds workshops for carers and teachers to help support children with yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing practices. (see workshops)

If you are looking to have wellbeing, grounding and stress relieving yoga sessions for your staff please contact me for more information or go to the booking page to find a session that suits you.

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