Dear Parents and Friends,

This is my story and journey to becoming a Yoga teacher and setting up Yoga with Tanja. 
My daughter was born in 2005 with complex CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) and this was when Holistic Practices & Yoga became integral to myself and my daughter as a way of life.
Siofra and I have been through a rollercoaster and traumas of medical interventions to help heal her heart over the years of her growing up. Yoga and other holistic practices have helped and supported us to live a happy and relatively normal life.
As I myself experienced the benefits of yoga for my mental, emotional and physical health as well as seeing my daughter breathe better, sleep better, connect to her physical body again and healing her hospital traumas through her yoga practice I wanted to share this tool and gift with others, especially children. I started my yoga teacher training journey at the Elbowroom, Dublin, Ireland and was lucky to train with the most amazing yoga teachers Lydia Sasse and Melissa Curtis. On my way of learning and growing I have also been taught and greatly inspired by Nicola Foxe and Katarina Janova. Yoga with Tanja soon came into being.
Since then I have been sharing yoga and wellbeing practices with kids, additional needs kids, teens and families nationally and internationally in studios, communities, Montessori preschools, primary & secondary schools, kids camps, libraries, at festivals and in independent classes.
Deciding to take my work further I was lucky to train with the amazing Joe Manual for therapeutic Yoga for children with additional needs and then started to work with children on a one to one basis.
Other wellbeing practices that I take special interest and that I have trained in include mindfulness practices and meditation after the Plumvillage Tradition (Zen Buddhism, Thich Nhat Hahn), Reiki on a Master-Teacher Level, Integral Sound Healing and Sound Massage after the Peter Hess Method.
Yoga trainings I have qualified in include Yoga Foundation training with Yoga Therapy Ireland, Yoga Teacher Training at YogaRoom Dublin, Kids yoga teacher training & yoga for special needs kids training at the Elbowroom and Yoga as a therapeutic intervention for children with special needs with Jo Manual as well as the Sound Yoga Training with Emily Hess in Germany. Inspired by my baby daughters’ birth and pregancy with her, I have recently completed a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Melissa Curtis at the Elbowroom, Dublin and am looking forward to teaching soon.
It is such a joy to me to share the gift of yoga and wellbeing practices with children, to see them benefit and use these tools to help themselves in all the challenges of life and be happy and balanced.

I am looking forward to seeing you and your precious ones to share yoga with you. If you have any questions about any classes, workshops or private classes please get in touch.

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Teaching with Yoga with Tanja

Mark O'Rourke

Mark, born in Dublin, Ireland has been practising Buddhism for over 15years and has developed a keen interest in the simplicity and wonders of the human breath and the abilities of the mind.

Working as a professional musician and having toured all over mainland Europe, Mark has incorporated his love of music into his devotion to healing and personal development. A fully qualified and certified soundtherapist, Mark has also combined his love of art and painting with the healing modality and offers a clear, creative and expressive path to healing based on his experiences and his own personal development. He offers one to one sessions in Soundmassage after the Peter Hess Method, especially to Fathers and new Fathers. Mark also leads workshops for groups in Soundmassage, Meditation and Painting and together with Yoga with Tanja, travels to give seminars in the same. At the moment he also records and produces behind the scenes for Yoga with Tanja to create
sound relaxation and meditations.
e: orourkemark1977@gmail.com m: 0879165758

Magda Dzieciuchowicz

Magda is a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist for children and adults. Her love for nature made her to choose the path of yoga, veganism and holistic health.

She is curious about the world and the nature of human mind and heart and that curiosity takes her on a never-ending journey of learning, exploring and studying the secrets of ancient yogic and mindfulness teachings.
Everything Magda learns she shares on her classes in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Through her classes, workshops and treatments Magda encourages to slow down, re-focus and re-discover deeper meaning in our everyday lives.
To contact Magda call or email: 0873267237 soul.lighthouse.info@gmail.com
https://www.facebook.com/soullighthouse/ https://www.soullighthouse.org/

Katarina Jarinova

'I encountered yoga through my mum’s practice when I was 8 years old. I was the only kid in an all-adult yoga class trying to master different yoga asanas and meditation techniques, less for the actual benefits of yoga than for the precious time with my mum.

However I kept practicing the morning sun salutations all through my teenagehood and college times until I moved to Dublin. Yoga became the time to reconnect with myself, a sanctuary away from the business of life. I always dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher so when the opportunity to do the Kids yoga TT arose I jumped on it. Having a background in education I feel very privileged to work with kids and let them discover the gift of yoga.
Learning as I go, I find that sometimes class plans are less important than the fun and life lessons that can take place in a yoga class if we stay open to them.
I am also a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and enjoy bringing the safety of the Iyengar approach into my work with children, teenagers and adults.'
e: kata.jarina@gmail.com